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Next Steps & Appendices

The Manchester Placemaking Plan was developed from the feedback of hundreds of local stakeholders and the guidance of a Steering Committee of committed public and private community leaders. It continues the city’s proactive and progressive history of convening around planning processes designed to keep Manchester competitive for future jobs and talent. It’s no accident that Manchester is a dynamic place to live, work, and run a business; this status has been earned.

Following in the footsteps of the Good to Great initiative, it is anticipated that Manchester stakeholders will again rally around implementation of the Placemaking Plan through the guidance of work teams, task forces, and action committees of key local business owners, professionals, elected officials, government and organizational staff, and everyday citizens allied in the vision of a stronger community now and in the future.

Manchester Presentation

To assist and guide in the implementation of the Placemaking Plan, McClure has put together an Implementation Matrix for each priority strategy and information on comparison program models and potential funding sources (Appendix G).

The following abbreviations are used to denote lead and support implementation partners for each strategy:

  • COM = City of Manchester
  • DCED = Delaware County Economic Development
  • MCC = Manchester Chamber of Commerce
  • DCT = Delaware County Tourism

It is estimated that implementation of the Manchester Placemaking Plan will begin right away, but not all activities can be launched at once. Based on the Steering Committee’s project prioritization and McClure’s estimates of when actions can be initiated, each Implementation Matrix contains proposed launch dates for action categories. They are noted by month (abbreviated as “M”) beginning from Month 1 of implementation forward to successive months and years. Month 1 simply refers to the initial month that community leaders determine tracking of Manchester Placemaking Plan implementation will begin.

Manchester’s spirit of Family, Community, and Opportunity will serve it well as it embarks on the challenge of taking the ambitious vision of the Placemaking Plan and making it a reality.



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